Tuesday, December 25, 2007

1966 Mustang Convertible

In January 2007, Sam found a Mustang Convertible for sale on ebay. He ended up purchasing it just from the pictures. When he got there, he was pretty disheartened, because it was a mess. It was sitting out in the weather and had all flat tires.

Here's a couple of pictures after he got it home

And here is the finished product

1966 Volkswagen Bug

Sam found this little Volkswagen Bug at the Redmond Swap Meet. The exterior was in great shape, but it needed some engine work. He now uses it as his get around car!!

Sam also purchased a little blue VW bug. So he now had Red, White and Blue Volkswagens

1970 Volkswagen Karmann Convertible

This little bug came to Sam needing lots of work. It ran, but needed to be redone from the bottom up. It was yellow with a white top. Sam worked long and hard getting it perfect!

We don't have very good pictures of it, but here are a couple of them with a little helper. Spencer loves to come out and work with Papa in his shop.

One day Spencer was "helping" and Papa Sam missed his little screw driver. It was just right there and then it was gone. After Spencer left, Papa found it in the tailpipe!!!! A neat little hiding place!

Jeepers Creepers - Spencer on a creeper!!

Here are some pictures of the finished project

2nd Project 1950 Ford

Sam's second project was this 1950 Ford 4 door sedan.

This car had been sitting in a barn for a number of years. Sam didn't totally restore it, but he cleaned it all up and then resold it. A fun project and kept him busy for a few months!

It came looking like this

And after some elbow grease!!

First Project 1942 Ford Jeep GPW

Sam's first project after he retired, was a 1942 Ford Jeep GPW. He bought it on ebay and we drove to central Washington to get it. It was owned by an older fellow who used it for hunting. He had made his own canopy for it.

And here is the finished project. Sam spent lots of time (and money!!) on it, but it turned out a beautiful little jeep. Following are a few pictures of it in the process. He restored from frame up!! A sweet little running rig.

When he got to looking, he realized this Jeep was a real Ford jeep - it had all the "F" marks that Ford put into it, even including the tops of nuts!!

Body off the frame.